For all orders( including pre-orders), your credit/debit card will be charged immediately. There will be no delay in payment collection, regardless of when the item is expected to ship.

BEFORE SHIPMENT: Please refer to our shipping policy for order cancellation.If the order is cancelled after placing the order, the customer needs to bear a 3% bank fee.

AFTER SHIPMENT: To request an order cancellation after it has been shipped, the customer needs to pay a 3% processing fee. The customer choose self-return or arrange the return shipment by himself.Please notice: If the customer decides to arrange the return by himself without the quality of the product, and the request has been confirmed by the LUTEC customer service team, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs and is responsible for ensuring safe shipping and a successful return. The customer must choose the sign-on confirmation service, and LUTEC is not responsible for any damage, loss or other accidents caused by the shipment arranged by the customer.

The customer needs to email LUTEC’s customer service team regarding any order cancellation. Once an order cancellation request has been approved, LUTEC will email the customer a cancellation notification email. The customer shall not send a return package to LUTEC without receiving notification. LUTEC will reject all shipments without scheduled to arrive, and the customer is responsible for any related fee or loss.

Please refer to our shipping policy to modify an order before the customer has received it.

We cannot modify an order after the customer has received it.The customer can place a new order and return the products in the original order by contacting our customer service in advance. All return requests must follow our return policy and receive a pre-approval notice from our customer service team in the email. The processing fee can be prevented if the product return is due to an order modification, which means the customer has placed a new order with a higher or similar dollar amount with the returned product(s). If the customer does not place a new order or the total amount is significantly lower than the original order, a 3% processing fee of the original order will be deducted from the total refund amount.

Free replacement: Customers may reject a package due to significantly shipping damage (functionally affecting using) or contact customer service for
missing and critically-damaged parts or other quality-related issues. Our customer service team will help to arrange the replacement.

For us to better understand the problem and solve it effectively, photos and / or videos are REQUIRED as evidence.

*Definition of critically-damaged items: the main structure of the product is obviously deformed and affects its normal functions in any form.

Note: the following situations will be seen as normal and will not apply to the free replacement or refund policy:

A) Minor damage to the outer packaging.

B) Damage to parts or wearing parts after excessive use.

C) Damage to parts or wearing parts after using for a certain while or a certain number of times.

For non-quality issues, customer may ask for product replacement or return within 7 days after received it. A 3% processing fee will be applied but we can prevent it for the customer if a replacement order is received. And the customer will be responsible for the warehouse operation administration fee (30% of the order amount) caused by the return. The customer can choose self-return or arrange the return shipment by himself.

Orders older than seven days need to be returned for a refund, it will be noted that: the shipping cost for a no-excuse return will be borne by the customer, and the customer will be responsible for the warehouse operation administration fee (30% of the order amount) caused by the return.

To be eligible for a replacement or return, the light must be unused,free from dirt, dust, or any fragrances, and in the same packaging and condition that you received it.

Please notice: If a customer decided to arrange the return shipment by himself and the request has been confirmed by LUTEC’s customer service team, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the shipping and the success of the return.The customer must choose the signature confirmation service for the shipment, LUTEC will not be responsible for any damage, loss, or other accident to the shipment arranged by the customer.

Once the returned product has been received by our warehouse and checked to confirm that it complies with our return conditions, we will deduct any applicable fees and send the remaining refund according to the customer's original payment method.

Customers are encouraged to check with their credit card company and/or bank if the refund has not been credited to the account two days after receipt at the warehouse. Delays may occur due to different procedures for transferring funds from different financial institutions. If the customer has not received a refund after ten business days, please contact us at

Tel: (562) 908-6988 Fax: (562) 908-002

Please notice: After returning the goods, please contact the LUTEC team and send the return order number, so that the after-sales personnel can track the goods as soon as possible to avoid delays in refunds.

If you want to ask for more information. please contact us at