5 ways to extend the life of your lamps

Replacing a bulb in a lamp is not complicated, but it is often an unpleasant surprise and an extra cost, not to mention replacing the whole lamp or several lamps. It's worth adopting a few tips that will extend the life of your lighting and save you a lot of money each year. What should we do to ensure that our lights last as long as possible?

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1. Touch lamps and bulbs with clean hands

No one seems to need reminding of this, but dirt and deposits from fingers can leave speckled stains on the surface of bulbs and lampshades. Although LED lighting generates much less heat than conventional incandescent or fluorescent lamps, these spots, which heat up over a long period of time during lighting, represent areas that are much hotter than the rest of the lamp surface. This is particularly important for halogen light sources, but it also does not apply to the most popular LEDs available today and can lead to premature failure of the bulb or simply the formation of unsightly and unremovable spots.

2. Protecting lamps from dust and water vapour

Even if you use indestructible looking indoor luminaires, do not expose them to excessive clouds of dust and vapour. They form deposits that cover the light source and the lampshade evenly. This can significantly shorten the service life and even ...... make it difficult to replace the bulbs. Lamps for indoor use should be installed in a well ventilated area, which is a key condition for long-term use. If the lamps are hung near a cooking area or just in a kitchen where the windows are often closed, then be sure to keep them maintained and clean. Floating water vapour combined with dust or grease, although not necessarily visible at first glance, can damage any lighting, either from the outside or from the inside. In bathrooms, use luminaires with higher sealing (minimum IP44), as this is a place where water vapour is always present.

3. Keep a sufficient distance from the light source

Compared to conventional light sources, modern LED light sources dissipate much less heat during illumination. However,the required minimum distance from other objects must be maintained as specified in the operating instructions. Even the highest quality components and specially selected diodes may cause damage if unnecessary objects are placed nearby. Plastics exposed for a long period of time may warp or discolour, and lamps without sufficient ventilation may heat up more and last for a shorter period of time. It is worth removing unnecessary items that may come into contact with the luminaire to enjoy its reliability.

4. Check the luminaire after light source replacement

After replacing a lamp, it is important to ensure that it is firmly in place and that the shade is completely stable. This issue does not apply to luminaires with integrated light sources, such as our LUTEC CUBA 350°Rotational LED wall lamp. However, it is worth remembering that on other models, checking that all components are in place is a prerequisite for trouble-free operation. It may be possible to unconsciously loosen the lampshade when unscrewing the bulb, or to install it incorrectly after the bulb has been cleaned for the last time.A bulb screwed in incorrectly can not only damage the lamp in the light,but can even cause sparks or short circuits, the consequences of which could be a fire or damage to the electrical installation.

5. Maintenance above all!

Proper maintenance of the lamp is essential for its longevity. A cloth dipped in water and a little detergent is usually sufficient, unless the operating instruction manual recommends drying the bulb. It is most reasonable to clean the lamps thoroughly at least twice a year, for example in spring and autumn. However, we should continually prevent excessive build-up of dust, which is the main cause of overheating of light sources. It is also worth remembering that if a lamp is accidentally sprayed with water, remove the moisture from the surface immediately.

Following the above rules will ensure that you use your lamp for a long time without unnecessary accidents, expense and ladder climbing. And of course, remember that the higher the quality of the luminaire you choose, the longer you will enjoy trouble-free operation.