Practical and chic: LUTEC's outdoor lights

1) What outdoor lights are available?
2) Outdoor lights for security and ambience
3) Outdoor lights with motion detectors: lighting as needed
4) Mood lighting created with lamp posts
5) Solar lights: Self-sufficient through solar energy
6) Outdoor lights for the LUTEC online store: we bring light into your garden

What outdoor lights are available?

Outdoor lights come in a variety of options: from strikingly eye catching to simple models in anthracite colors.Lighting installed on buildings is often used for a different purpose than garden lighting. What all models have in common is that they must be robust.Most outdoor lights are made of stainless steel, aluminum or durable plastic.Most of our outdoor lights are also equipped with LED light sources, which consume significantly less energy than conventional bulbs or halogen spotlights.

Are you always up-to-date in terms of technology?

In our product range you can also find networkable lighting concepts, such as the LUTEC Connect outdoor light, which you can use to add a smart garden to your smart home.The following overview will help you find your way through the vast array of outdoor lights.

Outdoor lights for security and ambiance

Outdoor lighting around the house has a variety of uses. First of all, it helps to avoid accidents, for example on walkways or stairs. At the same time, you can use outdoor wall lights to set the scene for your home, creating a warm atmosphere and supporting your garden furniture. If you want the lighting to be individually adjustable, we recommend using dimmable outdoor lights. Thus, you can enjoy your dinner on the terrace a little lighter and later a little less with a glass of wine.

Outdoor lights with motion detectors: lighting as needed

Outdoor lights with motion detectors ensure that the light comes on only when needed. When you return home in the dark,your entrance will automatically light up and it will be easy to find the keyhole. In addition, outdoor lights with motion detectors do not require a permanent power supply. This can save real money .

Create ambient lighting with lampposts.

Do you want to create an atmosphere of classic elegance?How about a light source with the appearance of a lantern, for example made of high-quality aluminum and white glass? Bollard lights can be arranged on paths,framing gardens or around your swimming pool.The dimmable models of these outdoor lights are ideal, for example, if you want to illuminate a patio or barbecue area in your garden with path lights and bollard lights. Thus, you can control the brightness as needed. Many different path lighting variants can be found in the LUTEC store.

post light

Outdoor lights in the LUTEC online store:We bring light into your garden.

Do you want to illuminate your property or ensure that your guests are directed to the stylish entrance area?

At LUTEC, you can find outdoor and garden lights for every taste. We also have many otherlights for indoor use, whether as a light source for your desk or as a beautiful decoration for your living room. You're sure to see a great design concept!